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Afghan special forces arrive for a battle with the Taliban in Kunduz city, northern Afghanistan

Residents in Kunduz Fear Taliban Comeback

KUNDUZ CITY – The Taliban can make a comeback in Kunduz city, the residents of the northeastern province said two days after the Taliban outfits launched a huge attack on the city with the analysts calling the offensive on the highly-strategic town an exercise of force by the them to influence the negotiation in Qatar.
The residents called on the Afghan security forces to make sure during their clearance operations that no Taliban insurgent is hiding around the city.
This comes as a suicide bombing targeted a unit of Afghan forces on the outskirts of Kunduz city near the main highway which connects Kunduz with other provinces, including Kabul.
The attack left at least six security force members dead and 15 others wounded, according to Ministry of Interior Affairs.
But the deputy head of Kunduz Provincial Council, Amruddin Wali said the situation remains critical in the northeastern province.
“They martyred 10 to 12 security force members only in one check post. The situation in Dasht-e-Archi is also fragile,” Mr. Wali said.
“The Air Force arrived in Dasht-e-Archi very quickly and military supplies were delivered there, from air and ground, however, we also had some casualties,” a spokesperson to Kunduz governor, Esmatullah Muradi, said.
Taliban attacked the city of Kunduz on Thursday, August 29, but were pushed back by Afghan forces after almost 12 hours.
The clashes left 56 Taliban fighters dead, according to Ministry of Interior.
Moreover, at least 20 security force members and 5 civilians lost their lives in the clashes.
“There are water and electricity, also telecom services are working, but threats remain around Kunduz,” said Munir Mohammadi, a civil society activist.
A spokesperson for Ministry of Interior, Nusrat Rahimi, assured that proper measures are in place to ensure the security of the province.
“Currently, we are undertaking an operation in Imam Sahib district. The plan is to break the enemy’s strength so that it cannot launch an attack on the city once again,” Mr. Rahimi said.
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