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Riyadh would Destroy Iran in Eight Hours in Case of War: Saudi Prince

RIYADH – A Saudi prince claimed that his country maintained military supremacy over Iran and would completely destroy the Islamic Republic within hours if war broke out, Press Tv reported Friday.
“Saudi Arabia can destroy Iran in eight hours,” Abdullah Bin Sultan Bin Nasser al-Saud said on Thursday, citing a quote from a video interview with a Saudi analyst, originally aired on Channel 24 in Saudi Arabia in 2016, the video shows Saudi F-15 fighter planes and Iran’s F-4 Phantom planes, claiming the kingdom has advanced jets and weapons, that those of Iran are all old and obsolete.
In his tweet on Thursday, the prince said: “Of course, this is a two-year segment, before buying and developing anti-aircraft systems, naval, land and air forces equipped with missiles advances.”
“What is hidden is greater, no force in the world can resist our unity, our determination, our rebirth, and thank God.”
In 2018, US Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News that the Saudi army “can not fight harshly” when faced with challenges in the Middle East, including Iran.
“Let me put it this way: I want to be very direct with you. If it were not the United States, they would speak Farsi in about a week in Saudi Arabia,” he said.
In October 2018, Iran presented an offer of cooperation against the “humiliation” of US President Donald Trump, who said that Saudi Arabia would fall within two weeks without protection from the United States.
Trump, who signed a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi leaders, made the remarks by urging Riyadh and the rest of the “rich” Arab countries of the Persian Gulf to pay the money to get support from America.
“I like the King, King Salman. But I said, “King, we’re protecting you, you might not be here for two weeks without us. You have to pay for your military,” Trump told a rally in Mississippi, in non-diplomatic remarks, without specifying when the comments to the monarch had been made.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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