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4000 Afghans allowed to return from Pakistan

4000 Afghans Allowed to Return from Pakistan

KABUL – The Pakistani authorities allowed nearly 4,000 Afghans to cross the Torkham border and enter Afghanistan on Wednesday.
The stranded Afghans waited in extremely trying conditions near the border for five days before they were allowed to come home. Most of them including ailing women and children had been staying in two mosques in Landi Kotal Bazaar and commercial buildings.
The Afghan nationals had either gone to Pakistan for treatment or were employed with construction companies in different cities of Punjab and Islamabad.
Officials at Torkham border said that majority of the Afghans had no legal travel documents but they were allowed to go back to their country without undergoing formal immigration process.
Local police and border forces arranged process of their return in an organised manner to avoid rush and congestion at the border crossing.
The returning people were made to sit in groups, observing the social distancing as per anti-coronavirus standing operating procedures and then were allowed to cross the border in a disciplined manner.
Pakistan Custom officials at Torkham said that as many as 85 trucks loaded with fruits and vegetables were also allowed to cross over to Afghanistan on Tuesday and Wednesday while another 81 containers taking Afghan Transit Trade goods also availed the opportunity to cross to Afghanistan.
Pakistan had earlier allowed limited permission for resumption of trade relations with Afghanistan via Torkham border.
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