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Feature: Revelations Regarding Electioneering in Afghanistan

Feature: The Role of National, International Observers in the Transparency of Elections

The facts and events in Afghanistan clearly show that there are efforts underway regarding electioneering in upcoming presidential election, especially by those who must the guardians of democracy and democratic institutions. An official from Independent Election Commission (IEC) Afghanistan recently said that the report by security institutions about the closure …

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Feature: Corruption by Arg via NPA

Corruption by Arg via NPA

The National Unity Government (NUG) established the National Procurement Authority (NPA) five years ago for the sake of transparency and the fight against administrative corruption. Afghan people welcomed the establishment of this commission because about 2% of GDP is consumed through the public procurement system. The government focused most of …

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Feature: Ghani’s Dealing with the Bullies and the Outlaws

Feature, Ghani’s Dealing with the Bullies and the Outlaws

There are sharp contradictions between the slogan and practice of President Ashraf Ghani’s “Dawlat Saz” (State-building) team. Ghani’s motto for the upcoming presidential election is not to deal with the bullies and the outlaws but in practice it has links and contacts with them. If this slogan of the Dawlat …

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Feature: Incompetence and Mismanagement in NUG

Feature, Incompetence and Mismanagement in NUG

What you read in this article is part of the gravest problems that have been gifted to the people in Afghanistan over the past five years due to incompetence, authoritarianism, and poor policies of Ashraf Ghani. • Governance: Since the formation of the National Unity Government (NUG), the Afghan cabinet …

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Afghan Politicians Continue Their Call for Interim Govt

Afghan politicians continue their call for interim govt

KABUL – There is a palpable buzz in Afghanistan these days about the forthcoming presidential election, with people and politicians discussing, debating and speculating the future of their war-torn country. A total of 11 candidates among the politicians are in the fray, vying for the most powerful yet most dangerous …

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Afghan Presidential Candidates Ask Ghani to Step Down

Afghan Presidential Candidates Ask Ghani to Step Down

KABUL – Majority of Afghan presidential candidates have asked President Ashraf Ghani to step down as soon as his mandate ends on May 22. The presidential election, originally scheduled for April this year, has been postponed twice now to September 28. Ghani has vowed he will stay in office until …

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Feature: Expensive Loya Jirga in Poor Afghanistan

Expensive Loya Jirga in Poor Afghanistan

Among the efforts in Afghanistan that have been made to bring peace and stability, the only contribution of National Unity Government (NUG) has been to organize the Consultative Loya Jirga on peace, which ended a few days ago with a 23-article resolution. Although, according to the Constitution of Afghanistan, Loya …

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Feature: The Menace of Poverty in Afghanistan

poverty in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, and the people of Afghanistan have been burdened by poverty for years. The continued, widespread and devastating wars, in which millions of people lost their dear ones, have, along with other problems, brought us poverty and misery. At the same …

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Feature: NUG, Presidential Election and Interim Government

NUG Presidential Election Interim Government

After the postponement of presidential election from July to September, tensions have risen among a number of candidates. The presidential palace has welcomed this delay, but some electoral groups say that the tenure of the National Unity Government (NUG) ends on the first day of July, and an interim government …

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