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US House Committees Summons Pompeo for Ukraine Docs


WASHINGTON – US three House committees, dealing with Ukraine in a dismissal investigation against President Donald Trump, summoned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Reuters reported Saturday. The House committees are responsible for foreign affairs, intelligence and surveillance asked Pompeo to produce the documents by October 4. “The documents summoned will …

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Afghan Presidential Election Should Be Beyond Reproach: Pompeo

Afghan Presidential Election Should Be Beyond Reproach, Pompeo

KABUL – The US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo spoke with President Ashraf Ghani by phone on Thursday regarding the Afghanistan presidential election which is scheduled for September 28, 2019. Last week Pompeo announced that due to Afghan government’s corruption the State Department withdrew or suspended more than $100 …

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US Will Withhold $160 Million Afghanistan Funds: Pompeo

US Will Withhold $160 Million Afghanistan Funds, Pompeo

WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday that his country will return and withhold approximately 160 million US dollars’ funds for Afghanistan, citing Afghan government’s “corruption and financial mismanagement” as the reason. The US government is returning about 100 million dollars to the Treasury that was …

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Iranian Diplomat Warns of “Total War” If Hit By Saudi Attack


TEHRAN – The Iranian Foreign Minister warned Thursday that any attack on his country following a drone and missile strike against the Saudi oil industry would lead to a “total war”, which would aggravate tensions in the Persian Gulf, Associated Press reported Thursday. Mohammad Javad Zarif’s comments represent the most …

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KSA Joins US-Led Maritime Coalition After Attack on Oil Production


DUBAI – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) announced Wednesday that it has joined a US-led coalition to secure the Middle East’s waterways despite Iran’s threats after an attack on its crucial oil industry, Times of Israel reported Wednesday. The kingdom’s decision to participate in the construction of international maritime security …

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Pompeo Declares Peace Plan for M.E. to Be Unveiled “Within Weeks”


WASHINGTON – The administration of US President Donald Trump has decided to delay the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan after Israel is facing new elections, scheduled for September 17. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dismissed all speculation of a substantial delay in announcing the long-awaited peace plan announced by the United …

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Pompeo is Declining to Sign Afghan Peace Deal: TIME


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is declining to sign the US-Taliban deal, TIME quoted senior US, Afghan and European officials in a report on Wednesday. The report claimed that the deal doesn’t ensure several crucial things. It doesn’t guarantee the continued presence of US counterterrorism forces to battle al …

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