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The United Kingdom will Deploy Its Third Warship in the Persian Gulf

LONDON – The United Kingdom has announced that it will send a third warship to the Persian Gulf at the end of the year, a decision that is part of the escalation of tensions with Tehran following the illegal seizure an Iranian tanker, Press-Tv reported Wednesday.
The British Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced Tuesday that HMS Kent, a type 23 frigate, would be deployed in the Persian Gulf “in September” as part of an operation to ensure the maintenance of continued security in the strategic region.
The Ministry of Defense, however, stressed that the deployment was “planned in the long term” and not by escalation.
“These long-planned movements do not reflect an escalation of British posture in the region and are routine,” said the Defense Ministry.
According to the Department, the HMS Montrose Type 23 frigate is currently in the area but is undergoing maintenance and crew changes, with the Type 45 HMS Duncan Destroyer en route to the Persian Gulf.
Deployments come after weeks of tension in the Persian Gulf, which intensified when Iran’s “Grace 1” oil tanker illegally seized Iran’s “Grace 1” tanker earlier this month, suspected of carrying crude oil to Syria in violation of the unilateral bans of the European Union.
However, according to reports, the seizure took place at the request of the United States, which was striving to reduce Iran’s oil exports to zero as part of the sanctions against the Islamic Republic.
The Islamic Republic condemned the illegal seizure of “maritime piracy” and appealed on three occasions to the British ambassador to express his protest following the confiscation. Iran has called on Britain to immediately release its tanker.
Earlier Tuesday, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, denounced the UK’s illegal seizure of the Iranian oil tanker, warning that the act of “piracy” would not remain unanswered.
“The wicked Britain is committing an act of maritime piracy and stealing our ship,” Ayatollah Khamenei said. “They (the British) commit a crime and give it a legal appearance.”
“The Islamic Republic and the faithful elements of the establishment will not let this unkindness go unanswered and will react to it at a suitable time and place,” the leader added.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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