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Two Spy Planes Reportedly Spotted Over Russian Western Borders

MOSCOW – The Russian military newspaper revealed that at least 15 reconnaissance flights were carried out near the Federation’s borders last week, pushing Russian forces to bomb planes three times, Sputnik reported Wednesday.
Two Russian reconnaissance aircraft were spotted on Tuesday near the Russian region of Kaliningrad, according to data from the Plane Radar monitoring site posted on Twitter.
The data suggest that a Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk drone with a 10-2043 pennant number and the FORTE10 call sign at 0900 Moscow time, left the NATO base Sigonella in Sicily, Italy, to cross the French and German airspace. At 1500 Moscow time, the UAV approached Russian territory and conducted a reconnaissance flight.
In another case, a Swedish Gulfjet GIV-SP Gulfjet aircraft bearing the flag number 102002 would have been sighted in the flight information area of the Kaliningrad region in the Baltic Sea.
The number of spy flights recorded near Russian borders and military installations has increased in recent weeks. Foreign planes have been spotted near Crimea, the Krasnodar region and over the Baltic Sea. According to the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper, at least 15 planes were spotted near Russian borders last week.
(Sahar News Monitoring Desk)

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