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The Need for a Unified Peace Plan Between Govt and Politicians

Feature: The Need for a Unified Peace Plan Between Govt and Politicians

Although the tenure of National Unity Government (NUG) is over but the internal disputes still exist. Until the announcement of the final results of the presidential election 2019, the NUG will continue its work and it seems like internal tensions will continue until that day, as there is no plan to develop consensus.
Tensions between Ghani and Abdullah over reforms has added fuel to fire. Abdullah has asked the Presidential Palace to stop the new appointments and called them violation of the political agreement of the establishment of NUG but the Arg wants the reforms in Ministry of Forgiven Affairs (MoFA).
The past five years’ experience has shown that the coalition government like NUG has failed. Ghani and Abdullah have failed to maintain balance between effective coalition and good governance over the past five years.
Coalition governments need to have a delicate balance of effective governance and coalition preservation but the experience of the past five years has shown that this is very difficult and even impossible. Coalition maintenance can be victimized when effective governance is breached and effective coalition governance breaks.
In any case, the coalition government will fail. The NUG, like other governments that emerged after the Sawr coup in Afghanistan, was a failed experience but the complexity of politics and power in Afghanistan is so much that even a single political group cannot handle power alone.
Isolating one party will cause political instability in the country. This complex situation makes politics and power relations very lopsided. That is why it is difficult for many people, including many foreigners, to understand the situation in Afghanistan.
Despite this, it is up to the leaders of the NUG to spend the last weeks of their tenure in peace. The problem is that both leaders of the NUG are candidates for the presidency. It requires that the atmosphere be calm and that government leaders resolve disputes through dialogue and mediation.
It is said that there is no contact between the Arg and the CEO office. If communication is not maintained, the only option for the government leaders is to negotiate through the media, but that does not seem to have helped at all, and has further distanced both the leaders and the overall political leadership in the country.
Currently, there are various plans for peace on the table. Both the Arg and CEO office have put forward their plans, as well as some political parties have also proposed certain plan. Interestingly, outside government, politicians are also trying to come up with a unified peace plan.
The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah also needs to be in touch with politicians outside the government to be involved in their peace plan.
The National interests of the country require that Afghanistan must have a single voice on peace negotiations. Afghanistan must have both a single delegation and a single peace plan.
There are doubts about the Taliban’s peace-seeking conditions with Ghani administration. It seems the Taliban are not ready right now to be part of a pluralistic political order and accept electoral legitimacy.
But the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan must also be ready to negotiate. The government must agree on a single delegation for negotiation and a unified peace plan. Government leaders must put aside their conflicts and make the country ready to negotiate with the Taliban in order achieve the lasting Peace in the country.
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