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Pakistan Accuses India of Continuing Extra Judicial Killings of Kashmiris

Pakistan accuses India of continuing extra judicial killings of Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan on Friday accused India of continuing “extrajudicial killings” of innocent Kashmiris, calling for impartial investigations to be carried out under international supervision. “Extrajudicial killings in Jammu and Kashmir illegally occupied by Indian occupation forces have also continued unabated over the past week, and ten more Kashmiris have …

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India Becomes World’s Second Worst-Hit Country By Coronavirus

India becomes world’s second worst-hit country by coronavirus

NEW DELHI – Coronavirus infections in the South Asian subregion surpassed the grim 15 million mark over the weekend, while India reported a record increase on Monday to overtake Brazil as the second country most affected by the pandemic in the world. India reported a record 168,912 Covid-19 infections overnight, …

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Growing Diaspora in Europe Instills Hope in Us: Erdogan

Growing diaspora in Europe instills hope in us says Erdogan

ISTANBUL – The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said on Sunday that Western countries do not want to recognize the reality of a growing Turkish diaspora. Erdogan said they never doubted that Turks and Muslims will occupy a much more visible place in tomorrow’s Europe as they deserve. “Of course, …

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China to Strengthen Standardized Management of Platform Economy

China to strengthen standardized management of platform economy

News Feature BEIJING – China decides to strengthen the standardized management of the platform economy, as online platforms are more and more closely related to various aspects of people’s lives and has become part of modern life with development rapid digital economy. “Digitization has really made our lives more convenient,” …

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US Sanctions Chinese Computer Makers, Widening the Fight

US sanctions Chinese Computer Makers, widening the fight.

WASHINGTON – Chinese-designed supercomputers have set speed records, but are assembled from processor chips and other hardware supplied by the United States. They can be used in weapon development by simulating nuclear explosions and the aerodynamics of high speed or stealth aircraft and missiles. The latest US sanctions affect the …

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Pakistan Secures $800 Million Debt Relief from G-20 Countries

Pakistan secures $800 million debt relief from G-20 countries

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan expects debt relief of around 800 million under the Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) of the G-20 countries, which would provide space budget, help improve the country’s Balance of Payments (BOP) and foreign exchange reserves. The G20 group of the world’s largest economies has extended its offer …

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Countries Worldwide Hit New Records for Virus Cases, Deaths

Countries worldwide hit new records for virus cases, deaths

WASHINGTON – Nations around the world have set new records for Covid-19 deaths and new coronavirus infections in recent weeks. Brazil this week became the third country in the world, after the United States and Peru, to report a 24-hour tally of Covid-19 deaths exceeding 4,000. India peaked at nearly …

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